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We believe in the next generation. That's why we are passionate about empowering young talent with the latest skills and tools to lead the future of marketing innovation. Are you recently graduated and interested in Digital Marketing? Apply now for our dedicated Growth Hacking program.
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The program is designed for recent graduates (age 20-29) with a strong ambition to develop the right mindset and skills for a career in digital. Whether your passion is Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking or ‘still-to-be-discovered’, this program is created to kick-start your career and get you your dream job.


Whether you call it a Growth Hacking Traineeship, a Growth Marketing Traineeship, an Online Marketing Traineeship, or a Digital Marketing Traineeship. During our 6-month program, you will dive into topics like A/B Testing, SEO, Data Analytics, Rapid Experimenting, Social Media Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization, Lean Experimentation and much more. The entire program is focussed on teaching you the in-demand, digital skills of today and the future.


You will start with 1 month of full-time training, followed by a 5-month traineeship (including several weekly training sessions) at one of our carefully selected partner companies. We believe that hands-on experience significantly improves the learning process. You will also become part of our alumni community of over 250 young talents.



“The best decision I could’ve taken. I found my passion and am now receiving multiple job offers per month. Growth Hackers are in high demand and this demand will only become higher” Laurens Jansen

Former Growth Marketing Young Talent,

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What are the costs of the program?
The program is completely paid for by the traineeship company. This means you will not have to pay for the program. Travel expenses will not be covered (95% of participating companies are based in and around Amsterdam).

What is the monthly salary during the traineeship?
The first month of the program at The Talent Institute is educational and therefore not paid. During the first 3-months working at the traineeship company you will receive a monthly salary of EUR 1200,- gross, for a 4-day workweek. For the last 2-months of the program you will receive a monthly salary of EUR 1500,- gross, for a 5-day workweek.

What are the requirements to join the program?
  • You have to be minimum 20 years old, maximum 29 years old
  • You have to have completed a Bachelors or MSc. (HBO or WO)
  • You have to understand spoken Dutch on a professional level (the program is in Dutch)
  • You have to be available from 09:00-17:00 on every weekday
  • You have to be available during the entire program period (6 months)
  • You are a fit for the program and companies

Where will I do my traineeship?
We will match you with a traineeship company that we think suits you best. At our company speed dating session, you can talk to all our traineeship companies (they change every quarter) and indicate your preference. However, we will decide where you will work and get your work experience. The traineeships are mostly located in and around Amsterdam (95%). Travel expenses are not covered.

What kind of traineeship companies are there?
We work with small to medium sized, young and fast growing companies. All the companies must have a focus on digital. The majority of the companies operate in the e-commerce, retail, events, marketing or service industry. They are all awesome companies with teams that are ambitious and also like to have a lot of fun. Examples are Ace & Tate, Grapedistrict, Van De Bron, Boomerang, Temper, Colourful Rebel, Snappcar and many more.

How can I get more information?
You can request more information above on this page. You will receive an email with the brochure (please check your spam when you did not receive it!). This brochure contains everything you need to know about the program: the content, structure, companies that we work with, salary, you name it! In this email you will also find contact details of Kelly, our Head of Talent Recruitment. Reach out to her if you have any further questions!

How can I apply?
Do you already know that you want to become our new Growth Hacking trainee? Awesome, go ahead!   Steps in the application process: 1. Convince us with your CV, motivation and LinkedIn 2. Preselection based on delivered documents 3. Assignment (a little case to crack your brains) 4. Let’s meet during an interview 4. Second Skype interview if necessary 5. Go / No-Go, exciting times! Want to read the brochure first? Sure, we’ve added an apply button in the brochure for you.
What are the start dates?
We start every year in September, November, February, and May. Please request the brochure or contact Kelly, Head of Talent Recruitment for more information on the upcoming starting dates.

Do you have any further questions or just want to have a chat about the traineeship? I’d love to get in touch with you!

Kelly Peijnenburg Head of Talent Recruitment +31 6 426 433 83