Be inspired by the best in the business

Mentor network

Mentor network

The Talent Institute has an extensive network of mentors. Our unique network of mentors consist of founders, co-founders, employees, freelancers who use the techniques, they teach, everyday. These mentors are professionals in their line of business. Fill the gap between yourself and leading professionals so you can gain the skills you want. These mentors can bring you to the next level through their teaching.

What are they known for

Best in the business

Be inspired by the best in the business. Get in contact with experts that have top knowledge in their field through our mentor network.

Real time practitioners

Our mentors don’t only know the knowledge but also have real time experience with applying the knowledge in their own business. This combination enriches our mentor with the top theoretical skills but also the top practical skills.

Not only instructors

Our mentors are not only instructors. We believe in a combination between teaching and giving really hands-on coaching on the problems you face.

Meet some of our mentors

Andrew Evans Profiel white background  copy

Andrew Evans

Co-founder Startmonday

Co-founder of Startmonday, recruitment software, and Lean Startup and Design thinking expert at The Talent Institute. With more than 7 years experience in Lean Startup. 

Bas Prass expert foto

Bas Prass

Co-founder We are off the record

Co-founder of We are off the record, help startups enhance their product, and Growth Hacking  expert at The Talent Institute. With more than 6 years experience in Growth Hacking. 

mike-van-hoenselaar expert foto

Mike van Hoenselaar

Co-founder Online Boswachters

Co-founder of online boswachters, online marketing professionals, and grow expert at The Talent Institute. With more than 7 years experience.

Training Martin van Kranenburg-2

Martin van Kranenburg

More than 19 years experience in usability, conversion optimization en online persuasion. Experienced speaker, trainer, coach and expert at The Talent Institute.


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