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We at The Talent Institute believe it is extremely important to have persons on board with a 'Growth Mindset'; a Growth Hacker. We are educating Young Professionals in the domain of Growth Hacking and Digital Innovation.
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Hire a Graduate Marketing Talent


Need digital support for your team? Looking for a young, dedicated and ambitious talent to improve your growth, digital channels, or online marketing? A Growth Hacker will give a boost to your organization.

Growth Hacking is a continuous process of rapid experimentation. Our Growth Hackers are educated by well-known experts in the field of Online Marketing, Digital Innovation, Growth Hacking, Google Analytics, and Marketing Automation

Is your company a startup or scale-up and growing rapidly? Does your team need a young and eager Digital Marketer to help you facilitate this growth? We can make sure you can hire one of our, well-trained Growth Hacking talents.

Thus far, we have helped 200+ companies to find their Growth Hacking & Digital Innovation talents. With over more than 200 students trained in digital domains. We are one of the market leaders in Amsterdam when it comes to Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing.

Read some trainee experiences over hereThese Young Talents are being trained in order to join your company during a 5-month traineeship program:

  • Online Growth Marketeer – Young Talent
    The junior Growth Marketer will join your marketing team to do (amongst other things); Google Analytics, AAARRR Framework, social media advertising, conversion optimization, marketing automation, email marketing, A/B testing, digital marketing and much more.


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“If you don’t have a Growth Hacker on your team you’re probably falling behind of your competitors”

Sean Ellis

Founder Growthhackers.com

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