This week’s blog is a little bit different from the previous blogs we’ve written. This week we dive a little bit deeper into personal growth and health. We’re going to talk about TTI’s Personal Empowerment program!

No No, don’t click away…
This is some important and cool stuff, let me explain.

By now we all know the one thing a growth hacker must absolutely be trained in is: ‘realizing growth’. We push ourselves and our companies to the absolute best of their abilities and we do that with a smile and passion.
But sometimes it is advised to stand still for a second, count to ten, and put everything into perspective. To analyze, to realize, and to breath for a minute.

This is not only healthy for the company you work for but also for yourself.

The Talent Institute is not all about crunching numbers, collecting data, and creating creative marketing campaigns. Oh no no no. They also teach us to take some time to reflect on our goals in our career and our ambitions in life. They don’t just teach us, they developed a three-part program cleverly named: ‘ The Empowerment Program’.


Enter Daan Klever; a smart quarter life coach and all-round awesome funny guy. He teaches us the pitfalls of being a young professional and how to manage those pitfalls. He told us that our generation is more likely to get a burn-out at a young age than any other generation that has gone before us.
To protect ourselves and our fragile, yet powerful minds, he gave us the tools, assignments, and the mindset to care for our own emotional and physical well-being.

The assignments are a good way of getting to know yourself and your fellow trainees on a more personal and deeper level. We talked about our ambitions, our fears, our mindsets, and how we can change them for the better. Don’t worry it’s not like a session at a psychiatrist!  It’s done in a very fun, laid-back, and lighthearted way.  If things become too personal to share we could always opt-out for the time being and join the group later.

The workshops are a mix of creative brainstorm sessions, ‘round the table’ sessions, watching inspiring TEDxTalks, and various other ways to get yourself to the place you really want to be, not just professionally but also personally.

Find out how you can participate in the Growth Hacking Traineeship


At the end of the three-part program, I was able to write a little 3 to 4-page “compass” for myself. This compass helps me to take a breath, envision my own “true north”, the road I want to take to get to the finish line, and the pitfalls on that road. And to be completely honest with you, I see myself grasping to that compass more than I would have thought!

For a program that has not that much to do with growth hacking, it has been an amazing experience for me and my fellow trainees to enter the Personal Empowerment program.

Next week’s blog will be all about growth hacking, awesome tools, and insider information again!

See you next week!

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Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema