Wow, it has been almost a month since we started at our traineeship company. And we are putting all our knowledge into practice. Buckle up, for another week at The Talent Institute.



The first few weeks are kind of weird. Fun, but weird.
On the one hand, you are one of the only people at the company who knows anything about Growth Hacking. On the other hand, you are still a trainee and you are figuring everything out yourself. So the first weeks are spent getting to know the company and the products or services, your coworkers, your boss and your own role in this new digital ecosystem.

PRO TIP: The funniest thing to do is to present yourself (and the job that you will be doing) to the coworkers. Wait till you see their reactions to all the information you are giving them. They will be mind blown

Expect the same for your mind as well though. While some companies have a complete state of the art digital marketing toolkit others may not even have a website for the product they will be launching and some don’t even have a product to market yet!



Luckily we have wonderful support from our mothership -The Talent Institute, fellow trainees The Talent Institute Alumni and the coaches.
Every Friday we return to The Talent Institute to collect more information on certain topics about growth hacking during the deep-dive sessions.

The best thing about this is that we can mix the theory with our own practices!
You can imagine that everybody has a lot of questions: Especially on Google Analytics…


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I introduce to you: Mike van Hoenselaar, Google Analytics wizard extraordinaire. He gave a workshop where we could send in all of our questions about Google Analytics. Almost everyone had sent in a specific question for the traineeship companies. So much fun to see how invested everybody already is in the companies we work for. It was great to see that Mike gave us some of his magic so that we can become Google Analytics Wizards as well!



The next deep-dive on Email Marketing by Digital Marketing guru Ruben Zantingh-Božić came as a blessing from heaven for me.

The company I work for is in a very competitive sales driven B2B business.
So a few tips on Email marketing helped me a lot!

We got tips and tricks on collecting email addresses, designing and setting up drip campaigns, building & managing lists and how to create valuable content so that your bounce rate will drop and more people will open your email with the intention you want them to have.

As always it was a very valuable week again at The Talent Institute Headquarters of Extraordinaire Growth Hackers.

Hopefully, you will join us again next week!


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Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema

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