Becoming Head of Growth & Marketing, for just a moment.

The motto of a Growth Hacker is; the only way to learn is to make mistakes. The faster you make mistakes, the quicker you learn! Exactly this happened…

It was the third week at my traineeship company and the last thing I heard was my superior was on a holiday for 10 days. That was a surprise by itself, but that wasn’t all. He put his trust in my skill set and told me I was in charge of getting a prototype and a marketing campaign ready and setting it up for when he got back by all means necessary. These means were quite extensive I must say: I had a developer and an intern at my disposal to get the deliverables ready! Having this responsibility means I was put in the same positions a Head of Growth and a product manager usually resides.


So what is a Head of Growth?

I found an answer on Quora which I found very revealing:

“A Head of Growth is someone who oversees the entire customer acquisition

pipeline. She watches how all the pieces in a customer acquisition funnel are

working together toward the overall goal of growing a company”

Basically, Head of Growth is the person responsible for the growth strategy of a company to reach the goals, from the beginning to the end of the growth funnel. Because the growth funnel takes sales into account too the alignment with the sales department should be perfect (which could cause some issues when there’s miscommunication).


Taking my role as product manager

Besides being tasked with the growth part I – together with the senior developer – were responsible for creating the prototype of the newest tool too! This is a big part of the lean product development cycle, which I thought was really interesting! Having these responsibilities for only 10 days I thought I needed to get the most out of it and really wanted to get the best deliverables possible! #LetsRockIt!


I see you thinking; weren’t you responsible for creating a marketing campaign too?

That’s right, these 10 days were packed with fun things to work on! I started to test and experiment with Landing pages (made with Unbounce), email drip campaigns (Intercom is amazing for that!) and an onboarding process created by using email and intercom messaging together.


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The near end 

At the end of the week at Adnovation, I was ready to present every creation I’ve been working on. Let me refresh your mind; the prototype for the newest tool called ‘Adifier’, a marketing campaign to get testers for the prototype (which included landing pages, drip campaigns and intercom on-site messaging) and a strategy for the growth of the company. It was a hectic, but amazing week full of failing and learning!

As always, we ended up having a few drinks and good chats at the end of the work week. A great environment to get to know your colleagues better and let off some steam for a great work week.


Back to The Talent Institute 

Leaving the traineeship company on Thursday always feels like it’s the weekend already, but that’s not the case! We still have one full day of awesome learning ahead! This Friday was focussed on Facebook, marketing campaigns and ourselves!

Stefan Bohrer took the stage again, with his knowledge of Facebook marketing and creating campaigns without actually using the main website which really became interesting! We were to send questions for him earlier in the week which he would cover, which happened in a way, but he had other things to tell. Besides answering the questions he wanted to cover how to work your way around a developer in a way you won’t have to access the website at all.

Apparently, by using so-called squeeze pages (landing pages with only one thing to do; sign up for instance) you can acquire email addresses, which you can use for upselling in turn. If you use this in combination with social media advertising, retargeting and email campaigns you can sell products without even having your own website! Cool ay?!

After lunch, it was time to dig deeper, deeper in ourselves. Daan Klever, our personal development coach talked about how useful, no let me rephrase, how necessary it is to have an end goal to work towards to. By thinking about the way you do things and then what do you live for you can create a mission statement.

Combining that with your “dream” you can create a goal to which you can work towards to.

Finally, if you take your core values and core qualities into consideration; voila you just created a personal compass which points towards your future! A guideline where you can focus on to reach a future you actually want to end up in.

Well, it’s time for a drink! See you all next week at the next one!



Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema

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