Finding Traction

After the first week at Persoonality, the time was right for me to start experimenting and start implementing the Growth mindset within my company. The company is focusing on online lead generation and lead nurturing. It’s amazing to see that the company gives me the opportunity to participate in every way I would like to, which means I have plenty of opportunities to develop myself during this period of time. On the other hand, due to my open and growth hacking mindset, I can provide the company with lots of new ideas.

For me, it became a personal goal to bring in new ideas and to bring the growth hacking mindset across. This means I have to keep focusing on building, measuring and learning. In order for me to do this successfully, I need to collaborate with my co-workers/ colleagues, to be clear about what I would like to see, and share knowledge with each other. Every week starts with a standup meeting, in which we are sharing how last week went and what we’ll be doing in the upcoming week. This makes it transparent what everybody at the company does, but is also very helpful if you think you can add value to a specific task or project. This open mindset creates a nice atmosphere and really helped me in the first couple of weeks at my traineeship company.


Diving Deep in CRO & UX

In order to be an ambassador of the growth hacking mindset, it is important to keep developing the skills and mindset. Every week we have deep dives, which focus on a specific topic around Growth Hacking. In our second week at the company, the Friday Deep Dives focused on Conversion Optimization and UX. The workshops were taught by Martin van Kranenburg and Anouschka Scholten, experts in their fields.

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For the Conversion Optimization, we had to individually prepare by selecting one webpage that needed to be optimized. During the workshop, we received feedback from our peers and looked at what changes were possible in order to optimize this page. The session was very inspiring and energetic, which is always the case when Martin van Kranenburg is the facilitator.


The week is far from over

The second workshop – which was facilitated by Anouschka – was highly dependable on our input.The workshop started by laying down the foundation of theory before we were given many cases by which Anouschka showed us how simple it was to start with UX, without being an expert! There are plenty of methods, tools, and people that can help you with simple UX-testing. On top of that, a lack of creativity can be solved by simple methods, such as the ‘Crazy Eight’ exercise. By doing the Crazy Eight exercise you use one particular page, e.g. the homepage, and you think of eight different ways of how to create this homepage. I highly advise you to do this in a group of just five people and you’ll have 40 ideas in total on how you can experiment on your homepage. You can rank this exercise with ranking the ideas and you’ll have a winner. Of course, there are various other methods which can be used in the UX process.

In the upcoming weeks, the interviews with Martin and Anouschka will be shared in our weekly blog. The interviews will contain their view on TTI, Growth Hacking and why their field of expertise is useful for a Growth Hackers mindset. We will also provide some extra information on these sessions: Conversion Optimization and User Experience, that was facilitated by them.


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Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema


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