A new bird entered a trainee company.

After molded and trained into a full-stacked Growth Hacker, it is time to implement everything I’ve learned in the wild world called the startup scene. In my case, it really is a startup, way at the beginning of its journey.

While some of my colleague Growth Hacking Trainees started their week in a more settled company, mine is still emerging from its customer discovery and product development phase. That means: back to the basics and starting with interviewing potential customers and users. I hear you thinking: “but wait, that’s not what I want to do, at all! I want to do experimental marketing”? No worries, this company is one of the exceptions. The Lean Startup phase can be a very interesting one, and I am not worried at all that I will not be ‘hacking’ in the future.

The first week was all about getting everything set up: communications, analytics, accounts and tools I’m going to to do my work successfully. With my background in event management, business ownership, and online marketing consultancy, I already have some experience in getting properly set up, I was all good!

With hard work also comes fun from time to time. After an amazing week full of learning and teaching my Growth Hack mindset (yes, I had an intern under me from week 1!) it was time to enjoy a drink, or two, or maybe more than that… There was no trouble finding volunteers to join me, the company I’m situated in, is filled with young and fun people to hang out with. We ended up in a bar not far from the office, had a few drinks, had a great laugh and found out who everyone was on a deeper level.

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Diving deeper and deeper.

The week wasn’t over yet, I still had two amazing sessions to learn from on Friday. It was time to dive deeper into the material about A/B testing. The name says it all, There is variation A and variation B, both the same except for one variable (the headline for instance). You test them both and see which has the best conversions.. After that, you will get to the next experiment to run!

Besides just talking about A/B testing Ewoud Uphof took us through optimization and prioritization of experiments with a deeper look into the Goal Tree, BRASS model, and the PIE framework.

When people start to get to know me they know I really love to talk and get to know people. Exactly that happened after lunch on this last day in the Learning Café. Trainees from the previous batch (started in August) joined us and talked us through their first months of traineeship at the company. They talked about everything they had trouble with, what they found interesting, and where they learned the most from. We had a great afternoon talking with experienced trainees and gained a lot of insights from them.


Concluding the week

Can you imagine, 4 days of hard work followed by an early alarm and a long day of sessions… You’d think that would drain you of energy right? WRONG! It was Friday night, there was good company and it was time to celebrate the end of the first week. Beer bottles popped, wine bottles were opened and it was time to party! As you could have read in the previous blog posts written by either Frankie, Justin or myself, we became a group of friends. We crossed the boundaries of just being colleagues and actually spent time outside of the traineeship, and that night we ended up in the city until sunrise the next morning.

Work hard, play hard they say right?

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Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema

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