In this week’s blog we – the trainees – are finally ready to spread our wings and leave the mothership. We get to present our own final crack the case product and we round things up with some drinks. Are you ready?



If you told me 4 weeks ago that I would feel so ready and qualified to start working as a growth hacker in a very competitive B2B market – where I have to start everything from scratch – I probably would have laughed.. REALLY loud.

But since we had to put everything we learned into practice by cracking our own case (which is pretty much the same as starting your own business), I feel confident enough that I have the right mindset, skills, and toolset to get to work.

And the best thing is: Every trainee feels this way. Our feelings were validated when we finally got to present our case and show the way we build our own make-believe products, the experiments we ran on Facebook and on our landing pages and how we learned from these experiments to grow our product.

It’s fascinating to see how many creative ways there are to grow your business. It doesn’t matter what kind of tests and experiments you run, as long as your TRUE NORTH is GROWTH anything is possible!


I feel confident enough that I have the right mindset, skills, and toolset to get to work.

Some ideas grew very fast in a short period and almost went viral and others weren’t quite as successful as initially thought they would be. However, the people behind the product learned so much from it. In the end, it is all about the process! AND… for the first time in the history of The Talent Institute, our coaches selected two winning groups! So it’s safe to say that The Talent Institute has a very talented group of growth hackers on their hands 😉

It’s time for a toast

After the presentations, it was time to unwind with some drinks and celebrate how fast we have grown and how much we have learned in such a short period of time. It was an intense ride with many ups and some small down’s, but the coaches of The Talent Institute were always there to help us out and push us in the right direction.

This concludes our first month of intense full-time training at The Talent Institute. From this point on we will come back every friday to gather more information, tools, and skills during so-called deep dives. During these deep dives, we will zoom in on specific subjects such as Facebook marketing, User Experience Design, Google Adwords. E-mail-marketing and conversion rate optimization. During these deep dives, we will get in contact with a lot of experts in the growth hacking and digital marketing domain.

In the upcoming blog posts, you can expect to read about the deep dives, interviews with experts and our experiences as growth hackers at our traineeship company.

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Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema


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