Everybody is looking for something.

What would the world be without Google? Imagine going back to the library every time you need to find something! After the session on Facebook it was time to dive into the world of Search Engine Advertising led by another TTI-alumni; Freek van Wichen! He told us:”While you target people’s demographic and behavior patterns on Facebook, with search engines it’s totally different! You “bid” on so-called keywords, words people use to look for something.” You can look at search engines like some sort of bidding houses in the advertisement spectrum. But… you can bid all you want, your customers have to look for them and there’s where keyword research comes into play! Find out how people are searching, and more importantly; what are they looking for?

Just like with User Experience the trick is to get into people’s mind; know their needs, how they want the solutions and act on it accordingly.


Don’t try this at home!

Wednesday afternoon, just after lunch, getting ready to get to our trainee companies to get started on our Growth Plan and time for the one and only Mr. Martin van Kranenburg. Martin has the energy to “persuade” a whole classroom to pay attention, doesn’t matter how overloaded they were with information. With his expertise it would be odd if he couldn’t keep our attention, he is the expert of persuasion marketing after all!

Did you know 95% of your actions are triggered by your subconsciousness?

With this in mind, we started our workshop about impacting the (buyer’s) behavior through simple tricks. This really is one of my most favorite subjects since psychology always interested and inspired me!

Just like with UX and the overall general mindset of Growth Hacking, the motto of Martin was; Customers first! Place yourself in their mind, help them solve their pain points and add gains. After an extensive intro of the workshop about finding the right customer and some deeper User Experience do’s and don’ts. We started with some exercises to get us going our expert started talking about how our brain works and mentioned some major names in this field like Daniel Kahneman and Cialdini.

Wait Cialdini, didn’t I hear that name somewhere before? With my interest in psychology, I did some reading about that subject and yes there he was. Martin started talking about the six principles of persuasion (and how he tried them on his family once, but shhh!). Social proof, Reciprocity (give a little to get a little), commitment, authority, liking and scarcity. If I got your interest, I’d advise you to read: Influence; the psychology of persuasion.

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Time to meet the companies – Part II

The moment was finally there, we were sent on our way to meet the company and start on our Growth Plan. The Growth Plan is a guideline on how to tackle the coming months at your traineeship company. Since I was placed at my #1 pick I was just super excited. Adnovation and I were matched, a SAAS platform for mobile apps. I did sign an NDA so I can’t tell everything that is happening in the office but I can tell they’re working with some amazing tools! Marketing automation to the fullest, some next level stuff.

My main focus will be on a new product what will be launched somewhere in the upcoming weeks. Being there from the start really helps me understand the whole ‘shabam‘ of reaching problem- solution fit and finding product-market fit. From there on, I’m going to focus on growth! Since I’ll be responsible for the strategizing, implementing, and even assisting with the product development, I think you could call me “Head of Growth” already.

These two days were interesting, and that is justa big understatement of the entire month. Meeting new people, talking about marketing and how I can help companies reach their goals. But most of all, being with people who understand and help each other.

On to the next, and final week of training. See you then!


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Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema