From Growth Hacking to Digital Advertising!

Give yourself a minute, and think about this question; why is Growth Hacking a thing for start-ups, and less for corporate businesses? Let me help you for a bit here, there are (at least) three things start-ups don’t have and larger businesses do have. Think, think think And the answer is: *drumroll* The notorious TMR triangle: time, money and resources!

Stepping into the world of Digital marketing

We know by now; Growth Hacking is about quick experiments. Trying to find growth in every part of the Growth funnel. What would be a perfect fit for the TMR triangle? That’s right; Digital Advertising. You can reach a huge audience without spending too much “europunten”  as Tom likes to say it. But most of all; it’s relatively easy and quick! And exactly that’s what we’ll be covering this and the next week! Doing experiments by using Digital Advertising and online marketing. This week we had a total of four workshops led by experts in their field; User Experience, Facebook, Search Engine Advertising and Persuasion Marketing.

Experience the user!

We started the week off with a session about User Experience by expert Anouschka Scholten. You probably heard about it, but do you really know what it’s about? I always thought it was about finding the easiest way for website viewers to get where they’re looking for. That is one of the things a UX-er is looking for, but it’s much more than that! It’s placing yourself in the mind of the visitor, the mind of the user has a central place in the design. Know what they want, how they want it and when they want it and based on that designing a “road” for them to follow. For this a triangle has been formed too (we’re not walking in circles this week!). A good UX follows three questions: what task has to be done, what objective should be reached at the end and what need or (emotional) need does the visitor have? User experience is much more than just finding your way from point A to B on a website, it’s everywhere around you! From stoplights, to apps, to maps you name it!

Get in the mind of the user!

At the end of a lot of super interesting information we got to see first handedly how we can test user experience by conducting a so called User test. One lucky (or unlucky) girl was asked forward to sit on a chair with a laptop on her lap. After a quick into she was asked to just follow the journey of buying a bag on the internet while thinking out loud. After a few curses, returns and eye rolling she finally was asked to stop and we, the trainees, were asked to present our findings about what could be improved. You see now; User experience is more than just getting someone from A to B, get into the mind of the user!

Gotta catch them all!

After an intense session about users it was time to find them! We spent the afternoon with Stefan Bohrer, Growth hacker, E-commerce specialist and according to our colleagues at The Talent Institute the crazy German god of Facebook Advertising! And to make it even better, he is one of us; an ex-trainee from The Talent Institute! After a quick overview on the development of Facebook and how it took over the world Stefan started talking about the marketing possibilities. The combination of PPC advertising (pay per click) and its deep and precision targeting make Facebook ads are a perfect tool for Growth Hacking. Did you knew you can target people who found their way to a specific website page? Now you know why your Facebook wall is full of that amazing trip you just been looking at during your break! At the end of the day we knew everything about finding and targeting the right audiences on Facebook.

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Written by Justin Post, Frankie van Dooren, and Reinder Yntema