The goal of the Content Creation Traineeship is to foster storytellers. Because storytelling is everywhere, if it’s in the form of a marketing campaign or the company mission. It’s as simple as that, if you want people to listen you need strong content. However, it seems hard to find the right people for these jobs. This is where our Content Creation Traineeship came in.

Content Creation starts with a lot of research. You need to know who your reader is and what you want to tell them. When you know these things you can start thinking about how you want to tell the story.

During our Content Creation traineeship program, future Content Creators develop the right mindset, tools and set of skills to do the research and tell their story. The traineeship combines a period of intensive training and education with real, on the job practice.

Learning by doing

In 2016 – 2017 The Talent Institute hosted 5 Content Creation traineeship programs, with a total of 71 trainees graduating. In this video, Content Creation lead Sarah explains more about the program:

Trainees start with a month of intensive courses at The Talent Institute in all the important subjects in the field of Content Creation. We teach them the right mindset with the help of Lean Startup and Design thinking. Besides this, trainees receive different courses from our experts in everything that is part of Content Creation. Think of subjects such as creative writing, editing, video- and photography, etc. But also the basics in digital tools such as SEO/SEA and social media ads. The combination of these skills is what makes our Content Creators so valuable, because they know how to create great content, but also to make sure the content actually reaches the target group. This month of training will give them the skills and tools to write and implement strong and effective content plan for their traineeship company.

“You can create amazing content but if no one can find it, why are you doing it?” – Marlou Kramer at Momice

Watch this video to learn more about Marlou in her traineeship as a Digital Content Creator at Momice:

After the first month of intensive training at The Talent Institute the trainees are ready to rock at their traineeship companies. Learning by doing is what we believe in at The Talent Institute.

During the first three months of the traineeship they work at their traineeship company for four days a week and come back to Talent Institute on Fridays for more training. We call these “Deep Dive Sessions” where we go into greater depth about certain subjects. These days also give the trainees the opportunity to ask specific questions about things they are struggling with or to get some one-on-one time with coaches from The Talent Institute for personal development.

During the last two months of the program, trainees work full-time at their traineeship company with the goal of landing an employment contract. If for some reason they do not stay at their traineeship company we at The Talent Institute are confident that they have the skills and experience to land their dream job elsewhere.

Companies who successfully participated in the Content Creation program and have had a Content creation trainee: